Indiana's Fish and Wildlife Areas are some of the largest natural areas of the state. They are designed, like the state forests, for various uses, including hunting; they can be forested or grassy, managed or neglected, marshy or dry; they may have trails or not; in other words, each is unique. They are not preserves; flowers, plants, trees and wildlife may all be harvested. Of the ones I've visited so far, though, I can say one thing; most of the time, most of them are mostly deserted. During hunting seasons, they can get a little crowded (only on opening day, though, usually), but you probably don't want to be out there at that time anyway (unless you are hunting). Jasper-Pulaski is often busy during the sandhill crane migrations (which is about the same time as hunting season in the fall) but you'll want to stop by anyway to see what everyone else is there to see (it's amazing). At any rate, give these places a try in the spring and summer and winter; you may have several thousand acres to yourself. I have also included two National Wildlife Refuges in this section: if I find any more, I may have to open a new section.


There are a lot of these that I don't know about, smaller ones scattered all over the state. Let me know of any not listed. Click here for information about hunting and fishing in Indiana.





Brush Creek

Big Oaks

Cane Ridge National Wildlife Management Area




Hovey Lake

Jasper- Pulaski



La Salle


Muscatatuck National Wildlife Refuge

Patoka River National Wildlife Refuge

Pigeon River

Pine Creek Game Bird Area

Pisgah Marsh
        Splinter Ridge Stillwater Marsh Wildfowl Resting Area
Sugar Ridge



White River Bottoms National Wildlife Management Area Wilbur Wright

Willow Slough




National Forest