Crosley Fish and Wildlife Area




Location: From the intersection of SR 7 and US 50 (the loneliest road in America) in North Vernon, head south on SR 7. Turn right at the junction with SR 3, in Vernon, and follow SR 3 about two miles to the road to the property office which goes off to the left. I know, but it's better than the directions to Brush Creek, isn't it?

Description: Not Visited. This place sounds good. 4600 acres, formerly a game preserve and hunting lodge for some rich troll. Mostly forested, including some pine plantations, but also including ponds, marshes, meadows and a good length of the Muscatatuck River. There are several limestone caves along this river, too, which are little visited. Got to try this one soon!

Nearby Points of Interest: Brush Creek F&W, Muscatatuck National Wildlife Refuge, Clifty Falls State Park, Selmier State Forest

Cautions: Hunting. Caves may be dangerous, I don't know how big they are (one of them is actually a man-made tunnel, apparently).

Facilities: No camping, although camping is available at Clifty Falls State Park about 20 miles south. No trails, just overgrown roads; put-ins on the river and one of the lakes.




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