Clifty Falls State Park


Location: Right on the west side of Madison on either SR 62 or 56. Madison is on the Ohio River about halfway between Cincinnati and Louisville.

Description: This park boasts one of the highest waterfalls in Indiana, and certainly one of the most impressive. The best trail in the park, #2, leads along the canyon floor from the falls on down to the southern edge of the park; you will see a lot of fossils in the rock left over from Indiana's sojourn as a sea floor. There are several other falls along the canyon and all are worth seeing. Trails tend to have steep descents to start with and steep climbs to end with. The woods are pretty, too; lots of wildflowers in spring. I like the Clifty Inn, so I don't know what the campgrounds are like.

Nearby Points of Interest: SR 56-156-56 between here and Cincinnati is a great drive winding along over the Ohio through some of the nicest hill country in the state, all of which, thanks to the public-spirited residents of Switzerland County, is in private hands. Come on, folks, let's share the love a little! Check Crosley F&W and Brush Creek F&W to the north.

Cautions: Climbs are not for the weak of heart. Don't try going over the falls in a canoe.

Ownership: Indiana DNR



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