Muscatatuck National Wildlife Refuge



Location: The office is just to the south of US 50 a couple of miles east from I-65.

Description: I had only a little time here, but it looked very nice; it encompasses some wetlands and some open fields as well as forest. River otter have been released on the Muscatatuck River here, and the birdwatching is good. The little trail around the area near the information center is nice, although not spectacular. There are 8 other very short trails, mostly for bird and wildlife viewing rather than serious hiking. Lots of ducks and sandhill cranes during migration. This place is worth more time than I spent; I'll be back.

Nearby Points of Interest: Jackson Washington State Forest; Selmier State Forest; Clifty Falls State Park, Brush Creek F&W, Crosley F&W

Cautions: Mostly harmless.

Ownership: US Fish and Wildlife Service (not connected with UN plans to take over the USA).


National Forest