Kankakee Fish and Wildlife Area



Location: From US 30, go south on SR 39 just over six miles to SR 8; turn right. The property check-in and information center (self-service) is just over the Kankakee River on the right.

Description: A remnant of the Grand Kankakee Marsh, located around and between the severely straightened Kankakee and Yellow Rivers. Much of the wildlife habitat is on the levee between the two channels. The "Scenic Drive" around the area is the best hiking trail; there are a couple of lanes that cut across the rivers and the levee also. 4,095 acres.

Nearby Points of Interest: Ober Savanna, Tippecanoe River State Park, Bass Lake State Beach, Kingsbury F&W

Cautions: Mosquitoes can draw blood in large quantities. Be aware of hunting seasons.

Facilities: Not much. Canoe launches.


National Forest