Tippecanoe River State Park


Location: Take US 24 east from I-65 to Reynolds. From Reynolds, take US 421 north. Just before Medaryville, take Hwy. 14 to the east (right) into Winamac. In town, take Hwy. 35 to the north (left). The entrance to the park is just a couple of miles along, on your right.

Description: This park is fairly popular, but not usually overcrowded. After or before the summer season, like the Shades, it is not staffed and is left open with no fee. It has a number of pleasant hikes; one trail passes through a pine plantation and then a prairie preserve, then through a deciduous woods. Nice wildflowers spring to fall, a lot of wildlife and a good birdwatching area. The park includes two nature preserves, the Tippecanoe River Nature Preserve (on Trail 4) and the Sandhill Nature Preserve (Trail 8). Mostly fairly flat land, of course, but interesting hiking. The Tippecanoe River flows along the east boundary of the park (surprise!) and offers a pleasant if unexciting canoe float. A good location for cross country skiing. There are two nature preserves in the park, Tippecanoe Island and Sandhills.

Nearby Points of Interest: Bass Lake State Beach just up the road is a popular swimming lake. Jasper-Pulaski Fish and Wildlife Area (see) is about 25 miles to the west. A few miles south of Winamac is the Berns-Meyer Woods Nature Preserve. North gets you to Terry Brennan Marsh and Ober Savanna. Right across US 35 is Winamac F&W.

Cautions: I can’t think of anything to be cautious about, unless you’re really paranoid; if you are, you can make up your own cautions without my help.

Ownership: Indiana DNR


National Forest