Big Oaks National Wildlife Refuge


Location: The National Wildlife Refuge contains over 50,000 acres. It is located five miles north of Madison on US 421, but the public use area is considerably further.

Description: The former Jefferson Proving Grounds, now officially a Refuge, still in development, but worth a visit.  50,000 acres, 30,000 of it in woods.  Just think of having all that room to roam!  A population of river otters has been established here, there are some rare birds including Henslow's Sparrow and a whole host of other rare and endangered species.  Isn't this a lot better than blowing things up?

Nearby Points of Interest: Charleston State Park, Versailles State Park, Brush Creek FWA, Crosley FWA, Clifty Falls State Park

Cautions: Especially in Southern Indiana, be aware of ticks.  Use repellent, dress properly, and have an intimate friend check you out thoroughly afterwards.  If the two of you get carried away, I'll have to add a caution about safe sex.

Ownership: US Fish and Wildlife Service




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