Hovey Lake Fish and Wildlife Area



Location: South of Mount Vernon (which is west of Evansville on SR 62) on SR 69.

Description: Open water area near at least four Nature Conservancy swamp preserves. Try several miles of fire lanes and old roads, or you could boat or canoe a bit. Several unusual species for Indiana because of extreme southern location; home of the endangered Swamp Rabbit. Good for birwatching during migrations. 4400 acres.

Nearby Points of Interest: Goose Pond Cypress Slough, Gray Estate Cypress Slough, Twin Swamps, Section 6 Flatwoods, Harmonie State Park

Cautions: Don't visit during hunting season, especially if wearing Daffy Duck outfit. Watch out for cottonmouths, if you want to be afraid of snakes.

Facilities: Used to have camping, now closed. Thank your state legislators for bankrupting the state. The lake is still there, because no further appropriations were needed to keep it..




National Forest