Harmonie State Park



Location: In just about the farthest out-of-the-way, hard to get to part of Indiana, the southwest corner. From I-64, take SR 68 then SR 66 south and west to New Harmony; then south from New Harmony on SR 69 to the park.

Description:  Nothing spectacular in the way of scenery, with 6 trails just wandering through the woods on the banks of the Wabash far away. Probably a nice place to camp, if you are visiting New Harmony or some of the nature preserves in the area; otherwise, a little far out of the way for the experience.

Nearby Points of Interest: The town of New Harmony may be a little touristy, but it's still worth a visit and a tour. This was the site for two communal experiments in the 1800's, first by a religious, then by an intellectual community. There are several Nature Preserves nearby; Goose Pond Cypress Slough, Gray Estate Cypress Slough, Section 6 Flatwoods and Twin Swamps.

Cautions: Boredom is the only thing that springs to mind.  Maybe I was just expecting too much from this park.

Ownership: Indiana DNR



National Forest