Pigeon River Fish and Wildlife Area




Location: From the intersection of SR 9 and US 20, go north on SR 9 to SR 120, then turn east and go through the town of Brighton to SR 327in Orland. Turn south and proceed to US 20, then turn west and go to the intersection with SR 9, which is where you started. You have just driven around the Pigeon River F&W, and you missed the road to the office, which is three miles north of US 20 on SR 3, and left on CR 300N in the town of Mongo! (yes, MONGO!).

Description: Not Visited, although I've driven around it. 11,500 acres, making it the new largest F&W (succeeding Minnehaha). This place is an overview of the natural history of northeastern Indiana; it has restored prairies, tamarack swamps, fens, creeks and the Pigeon River itself (which is canoeable). There are two nature preserves within the boundaries, the Mongo!quinong and Tamarack Bog. Many rare plants and a large variety of wildlife. Chris Moellering reports: About Pigeon River--I've never seen any Rattle snakes there in several years of tromping around hunting and birding. I haven't been there for a few years, however. They do (did) offer primitive camping, and a rifle range. There are canoe rentals in the nearby town of Mongo! Watch out for mosquitos and flies in the summer, however. The area provides some great bird watching habitat.

Nearby Points of Interest: Pokagon State Park, Cedar Swamp, Grass Lake Complex , Loon Lake, Marsh Lake, McKenny Nature Preserve, Ropchan Wildlife Refuge. Whew!

Cautions: Hunting is allowed. Also may be home to the much-feared massasauga rattlesnake.

Facilities: Primitive camping, canoe put-ins.

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