Cross-Country Skiing

There are quite a few areas available for cross-country skiing, if you have your own cross-country skis. In Indiana, that's an optimistic investment, because snowfall in winter is variable; some years there is simply no chance to take part in this activity. The South Bend area and other points near Lake Michigan usually can expect some skiable snow during the winter, but elsewhere in the state there's no telling.

However, given all that, if there is a decent snowfall, here are links to some of the natural areas that you can utilize for cross-country skiing:



Most Indiana State Fish & Wildlife Areas in the northern part of the state, like Jasper-Pulaski, Kankakee, LaSalle, Winamac, Kingsbury, Pigeon River, Tri-County and Willow Slough can probably be skied; but check with the property manager first, because hunting seasons come and go during the winter and some areas may be off-limits. You could ski in the state forests or Hoosier National Forest with the same reservation, but most of these are in the south and get sufficient snow infrequently. County Parks of any size in the northern third of the state often offer skiing trails. Please let me know your favorite ski spots and I'll insert them in the table as they come in.



National Forest