Potato Creek State Park



Location: Located just a little southwest of South Bend, take SR 4 west from US 31 about 4 miles. Park is on the north side of the road.

Description: Another popular park, probably too close to a large urban area. Still, it has some good points; it has cross-country ski trails and, although the hiking trail system isn't extensive, one does go through the Swamp Rose Nature Preserve in the northeast corner of the park, which protects some unusual bog-type plants. Trail four has views of different wetland areas where many types of waterfowl can be seen (ducks, geese, swans, herons, loons, etc.)  trail two winds up through some of the only hills north of Indianapolis to the highest point of elevation in St. Joseph county. Much effort is going into Potato Creek to return it to the way it was in the 1800's.  Since the summer of 1994, at least 20 acres of prairie grasses, flowers, and legumes have been planted (specifically along the roadsides).  Potato Creek also has at least seven wetland restoration areas. The lake has rumors of huge bass; six and seven pound bass aren't unusual. Even though there are no gas motors, the lake has too many boats for any real tranquility or fishing. Potato Creek has around 35 fishing boats, 30+ canoes, and 15 or so paddle boats. The campground does not have much shade; Potato Creek is a relatively young park, but with a lot of effort being poured in by its employees to make it something special. (Not Visited by me; descriptions from Valerie Chuchman and Mike Fletcher).

Nearby Points of Interest: Few natural areas are open to the public in this county, although some residents swear that Notre Dame Football is not the only thing on their minds. The city of South Bend maintains an unusual feature in the area it maintains along the St. Joseph River; a man-made kayaking course, with adjustable obstacles; used in Olympic trials and for practice or fun; you can rent a kayak or bring your own.

Cautions: Nothing I can think of.

Ownership: Indiana DNR


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