Oubache State Park


Location: Well, I have three descriptions of how to get here. One says the entrance is on SR 216, which doesn't appear on my road map; two say it is on SR 201, which also doesn't appear. I tell you what, get off I-69 at SR 224, go east on 224 to 301 and then south on 301 until you see a sign for the park (which will be to the west, your right).  Follow the signs until you see the park entrance, then enter it. 

Description: Not Visited Here is a report from the field however, current as of August 2000:

It is a beautiful park not real large but quiet & peaceful.  Wonderful trail! Very well kept, even an exercise course trail.  Also they have a buffalo exhibit. You can walk around the trails leading around the buffalo natural habitat area & watch them.  They have one of the few remaining fire ranger towers, where the rangers used to go up & watch for forest fire.  Wonderful picnic area & a small but very nice camp ground.  Large shelter houses & some enclosed.            


Nearby Points of Interest: Salamonie Reservoir

Cautions: Who can say?

Ownership: Indiana DNR.



National Forest