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Acrylic on Canvas and Baltic Birch

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The Power of Myth, 25" x 21"

Three Graces and a Peacock, 56" x 44"

Monarch Magic, 42" x 34"

The Praying Mantis and Butterfly Goddess, 40" x 30"

Birdhouse, 48" x 60"

In these acrylic paintings, I explore layers of paint and pattern. To me these layers represent time and dimension, possibly like wallpaper peeled from a wall of an old house. The removal of one layer exposes a different layer reminiscent of another time, style and personality.

Often I paint certain elements in the images black and white, monochromatic. My intention is to create a contrast between the black and white figures and the elaborate surface around them. I believe this "contrast" works to induce a reference to another reality. Sometimes I use classical female figures such as Goddesses and Madonnas. These figures are spiritual in effect, possibly metaphoric for the creative process or my presence as an artist within the work.

Also I have traveled often to Mexico and have been enriched by the culture. This country's colors, designs, religious shrines, and festivities have influenced my work. I attribute a stronger sense of artistic freedom directly to my experiences in Mexico.

Because of my experiences in Mexico, I was able to consider inventive framing around my work. My crazy frames are a part of the work, offering added impact to the image. My intention in some work is for the frame to give a shrine quality or icon-like effect. They are cut from wood called baltic birch.

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