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The Dress Series

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Acrylic Collages Using Real Dresses

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Topsy-Turvy Tea Party, 48" x 60"

She Accepts, 60" X 48"

Opening Act, 50" X 62"

One Last Twirl, 48" X 60"

Belle of the Ball, 72" X 54"

Day Dream, 54" X 72"
Collection of Wilma Asreal

I am curious about the nature of a dress as a significant object of personal emotion and identification. The use of the dress is more thatn symbolic for the female experience. I am particularly suspicious of gender stereotypes and the social conditioning attached to clothing. I use real dresses and tablecloths dipped into gesso and then polychromed. The dress series represents an intuitive investigation and play into issues of feminine gender identification and the physical materialization of the female experience.

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[IAC LOGO] LOUIE LASKOWSKI is an Indiana Arts Commission Fellowship Recipient

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