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The Pink House

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Acrylic Paintings on Canvas

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Two Ton Truck, 48" x 60"

Schizophrenic Drama, 48" x 48"

Full Moon Emergency, 36" x 36"
Collection of Kathleen Kitch & Dana Goodman

Crucifixion of Bootsy, 60" x 48"

Checkered Frock, 36" x 24"
Collection of Mary Ann Michna

Aurora Borealis, 48" x 60"

Pink House Warrior, 60" x 48"

Convertable Date Escape, 48" x 60"

In the "Pink House" paintings, I am investigating memories that have significance to me from when I was a young woman. I am exploring difficult times when I felt oppressed, dependent, and emotionally immature. It was a time of struggle for individual identity and experience against social norms, stereotypes, generalizations, and parental control. I am using these cathartic experiences since they are strong and full of passion and pain.

This exhibit is the visual testimony of my journey to conjure intense insights about youthful repression, rebellion, rejection, grief, sexuality and personal awakening. I have discovered that my past is full of subject matter that easily translates as metaphor for other people. The "pink house" can be interpreted to represent a young woman's psyche but is also the actual color of the house I embarrassingly had to live in from age 9 to 16.

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