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Acrylic on Canvas and Baltic Birch

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Crow Clan and Spirit Tree, 26" x 32"
Collection of Mike & Pam Murr

Crow Evolution, 37" x 33"
Collection of William Caddell

Dangling Dove, 48" x 38"

Cozumel Cornucopia, 48" x 38"

Super Raton Receives Subterranean Orders, 34" x 40"
Collection of Rep. Sheila Klinker

Esqueleto and the Chinese Checker Dragon, 39" x 38"

"A Spirit's Dimension" is the second series of acrylic paintings I made using the fantastic hand cut frames from baltic birch and pulling from my Mexico experiences and inspirations. Instead of working with pattern and obvious layers of paint as I did in the "under the Wall Paper" series, I have focused more on still life objects that create an interesting relationship to each other as I seek to expose some truth or idea in my life. In this particular series, I have used birds often, which may through the symbolic element of flight represent my greater desires, causes, or vision. I called this series "A Spirit's Dimension" in respect to all that influences the development of a human spirit in its expression.

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