Spring Mill State Park


Location: South of Bloomington 37 miles on SR 37 and east on SR 60 at Mitchell. Park is on the north side of the highway.

Description: This park is quite popular; its main attractions include a Gemini space capsule (Gus Grissom was from Mitchell) and a recreated pioneer village that gives a fairly accurate depiction of the time it represents. It also features several caves, including Twin Caves (tour by boat) and Donaldson's Cave; this is in the center of the karst area of southern Indiana, and you'll notice lots of sinkholes and other karst features. Spring wildflowers are good, and there are some fine old trees along the trails, particularly north of the pioneer village. The campsites are o.k., although a lot of them are more or less in an open field; trees planted there a couple of decades ago are just starting to offer some shade. You will find crowds here, particularly during the summer, but it is still worth a visit, just like Turkey Run State Park farther north.

Nearby Points of Interest: Hoosier State Forest, Martin State Forest, Cave River Park; also check out the (commercial) Blue Springs Cavern and maybe drive down to French Lick (a town, not some foreign perversion) where one of the world's largest freestanding domes (in nearby West Baden) and a hotel of some elegance are located.

Cautions: Nothing much.

Ownership: Indiana DNR


National Forest