Cave River Valley


Location: Southwest of Mitchell on SR 60 to Campbellsburg; then take the road into Campbellsburg on through.  It appears to start out as N. Marshall Road, then changes to N White River Road.  When N Cave River Valley Road veers off to the left, follow that; where it forms a "T" with W Cave River Valley Road, the park is straight ahead.

Description: Update, Sept. 2009: What used to be a private property open to the public for a fee has now been purchased by the state and the Nature Conservancy. This is great news for the site, but less great for those interested in visiting, because it is now closed to the public while they are preparing the site. According to the sign on the gate when I tried to visit, it is scheduled to reopen 4 months ago.  No doubt the usual budget restrictions are preventing the site from being finished. Write your state Senator/Representative.

When things are finished, you will hopefully again be able to camp, picnic, and go spelunking in one of several caves, including Endless Cave (Dry Clifty Cave),  River Cave (Wet Clifty Cave), and one or two more.  Bring an inflatable boat to get into River Cave.  This is a great place to enter a "wild" cave without belonging to one of the organized spelunking clubs.  Give it a try if you aren't claustrophobic, but bring lots of flashlights and some companions  Please make the time to learn something about caving prior to going exploring. The National Speleological Society (NSS) is made up of cavers all around the country. See their Guide to Responsible Caving brochure to get started.

Nearby Points of Interest: Spring Mill State Park. (Spring Mill is also in charge of this property).

Cautions: Caving is dangerous. Don't go into any cave in Indiana when it is raining or likely to rain.  Don't go alone and take several sources of light.  You could die doing this.  If you don't die and decide you like caving, join a club.  You'll see more interesting caves, make some friends and learn something.

Ownership: Indiana DNR, Nature Conservancy




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