Martin State Forest


Location: Martin State Forest office is located just north of US 50, 3 miles east of Shoals or southwest on US 50 from SR 37 at Bedford.

Description: Not Visited. A pretty small state forest, with 6,132 acres; it is apparently designed as a center for education more than as a backcountry retreat. Heavily wooded, with a few marked trails and some fire lane trails to follow. Tank Spring Trail is recommended. The forest encompasses an arboretum and education center. Sounds worth a visit for a day or so anyway.

Nearby Points of Interest: Hoosier National forest, Spring Mill State Park. The Crane Naval Weapons Support Depot is just to the north; I can't remember whether or not this is being decommissioned, but if it is, Martin could soon expand drastically; Crane is HUGE. This is near some rock-climbing areas.

Cautions: Don't step on any land mines. Hunting seasons for deer, squirrel, turkey, quail and rabbit.

Facilities: 26 primitive camping sites; woodland education tours; arboretum.



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