Morgan Monroe State Forest


Location: North of Bloomington or three miles south of Martinsville on SR 37; take Forest Road southeast from 37, it leads right into the forest. Barely marked.

Description: 23,916 acres. Heavily wooded, and unfortunately sucked into the "Brown County Fall Foliage" zone of autumn madness, although less crowded than areas to the south and east of Bloomington. This forest has two long hiking trails, the Three Lakes Trail (9 miles) and the Low Gap Trail (10 miles). the Three Lakes Trail is very pretty, winding around the--you guessed it--3 lakes in the forest. The Low Gap Trail leads to the backcountry area, if you're interested in backpack camping. There is also a short tree identification trail and an orienteering course with beginner's trail and an additional course for the more proficient. (I found all of the posts on the beginner's trail). The area is a good gateway to the unglaciated southern part of Indiana, with its hollows and ridges; it keeps getting moreso the further south you get. Looks like it has some very nice campgrounds, and when I visited on a Sunday in July, it was virtually deserted.

So, a lot of trees. It's a State Forest, o.k.?

Nearby Points of Interest: Yellowwood State Forest, Hoosier National Forest, McCormick's Creek State Park and Brown County State Park. Also check out Bloomington if you want to see an Indiana city that thinks it's in California.

Cautions: Hunting seasonsfor deer, squirrel, grouse.

Facilities: 32 primitive camping sites; backcountry backpacking and camping; also has a cabin that can be rented with no electricity, no water, with a woodburning stove; sounds neat, but don't bother during deer season.




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