Harrison-Crawford State Forest



Location: From I-64, south on SR 135 to SR 62, then right (west). Or, from the other direction, south on SR 66 to SR 62, then left (east). The main entrance to the forest is to the west of the Wyandotte Woods State Recreation Area on 62.

Description: A big state forest (25,600 acres) with plenty to offer hikers, canoers, backpackers and spelunkers. One of the prettiest areas of southern Indiana, heavily wooded, and with limestone outcroppings, ridges and knobs. Includes the 30-mile Adventure Trail, designed for backpackers with regularly placed shelters or campgrounds and several pick-up/drop-off points. The Adventure Trail spends a good part of its length overlooking either the Blue River (a great canoeing stream) or the Ohio River; it's a nice hike. There are also several other shorter trails, some fairly rugged. These aren't mountains, but the flatlands of northern Indiana are a long way away. There are several regular canoe runs of various lengths along the Blue River, starting well north of the forest and ending in the Ohio. The Blue is a very pretty creek, not much in the way of heart-stopping excitement but not totally boring either; it has a few riffles and the scenery is outstanding. The forest includes the Post Oak Nature Preserve and the Leavenworth Barrens Nature Preserve. This place is worth an extended visit.

Nearby Points of Interest: Wyandotte Caves; Hoosier National Forest; Carnes Mill, Hemlock Cliffs, Buzzard Roost and Dewey Hickman Nature Preserves

Cautions: Hunting seasons for deer, squirrel and turkey. Sinkholes scattered throughout, although most are closed.

Facilities: Primitive camping; shelters along backpacking trail. Canoe campground along Blue River.



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