Greene-Sullivan State Forest



Location: South of Terre Haute. From US 41, east on SR 54, then south on SR 159 at the town of Dugger. Forest office is on the east side of 159.

Description: Not Visited. 6,764 acres of reclaimed strip mine land. 122 deep lakes, some of which are too acid to support fish. Hiking is along fire lanes, and supposed to be very pleasant, with lots of water overlooks. Wildflowers and wildlife are abundant, and there are fossils to be found in the rocky edges along the lakes. The forest includes a two-day canoe trail.

Nearby Points of Interest: Minnehaha Fish and Wildlife area.

Cautions: Hunting seasons for deer, rabbit, quail and squirrel. Also note that "deep" lakes in a former strip mine could be very deep.

Facilities: 3 primitive campgrounds.



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