Bloomfield Barrens Nature Preserve





Location: Now pay attention. Go south from I-64 on 231; SR 62 joins at Dale and follows for a while; when 62 leaves 231, turn west, or right, on SR 62; turn left, or south, on CR 100W; turn right on CR 1050N and go about one and a quarter miles, where the road will turn left, but you will stop, park and walk along the old county road to the north, which by now is on your right. Got that?

Description: Not Visited. Yet. Almost 800 acres of nature preserve. Barrens are a community which is alternately wet and very dry; in addition to this community, the Little Pigeon Creek along the northern boundary provides a different type of wetland area. Many rare plants here; of serious interests to botanists, ecologists or anyone who would like 800 acres where no one else is likely to be on any given day.

Nearby Points of Interest: Lincoln State Park; Ferdinand State Forest

Cautions: Seems harmless enough. Not near enough to Santa Claus to worry about.

Ownership: Indiana DNR


National Forest