Yellow Birch Ravine Nature Preserve




Location: Yellow Birch Ravine is located near Taswell, IN. In Taswell on 64, turn south on the first paved road that goes under the railroad track. Follow the road as it turns left (east). Follow this road a short way and then turn south at the curve and drive downhill. Pull off the road and get in via stream bottom or old roads.  If you have a GPS, try these coordinates: N 38° 19.908 W 086° 32.706; UTM: 16S E 539758 N 4242727. I'll try to find better directions soon.

Description: 441 acres! Cliffs, a natural bridge, the southernmost home of the yellow birch - worth making a special trip.

Cautions: Usual climbing precautions.

Ownership: US Forest Service


National Forest