Shawnee Bottoms (Bodine Tract) Nature Preserve


Location:   1202 W. Covered Bridge Road, just north of the town of Fountain. If you are visiting Portland Arch, this would make a nice addition to your trip; the two places are only a few miles apart.

Description: 220 acres with 1.5 miles of frontage on the Wabash River. The property has about 60 acres of woods, a 6-acre pond, an acre or two of spring-fed seep, plus a long segment of the old Wabash and Erie Canal. Four trails; NICHES likes people to be able to get around, bless their hearts. The trail along the old canal is kind of fun. Birdwatching and wildflowers are okay, and will get better as the place is regenerated.

Ownership: NICHES -- they own the picture at the top, too.


National Forest