Robb Hidden Canyon Nature Preserve



Location:   From I-69 exit 140 (SR 4/Ashley), turn right (east) onto 800S (CR 00/County Line Road). After 5 miles turn left (north) onto Homestead Road, then left (west) onto Bellefontaine Road and left again (southwest) onto "Lane 201 Ball Lake." The road turns to the left (west) at the lake. Look for the ACRES parking lot on your left.

Description:   65 acres. Very pretty and all, and I'm sure it has nice wildflowers in spring and all the usual stuff, but this isn't a canyon. Nor is it hidden, strange though the directions are. It's a ravine. Anyone from the west would laugh to hear this called a canyon. Of course, the things westerners call rivers we call ditches.

Ownership: ACRES

National Forest