Mounds State Park


Location: From I-69, take the exit for SR 32 west to SR 232 (Mounds Road); turn left on 232. The park entrance is on this road, on the right hand side.

Description: An interesting if somewhat small park.   It is virtually inside of Anderson, Indiana, and is mostly open land or, where there are trees, very city-park like. The focus of the park is a number of mounds constructed by the Adena and Hopewell Indian cultures in the first decades of the millenium, about 2000 years ago. There is information on the adena/hopewell as well as Bronnenburgs and the amusement park (part of the history of the park itself) in the nature center.  There are few trails (it's a very small park) and the scenery isn't spectacular, although a combination of several trails takes you on a pretty nice walk past the mounds and along the White River. The campgrounds are too open and usually well-packed during the summer and into the fall.

Nearby Points of Interest: If you were into New Age before New Age was cool, try a visit to the Spiritualist camp at nearby Chesterfield--an enclosed town-within-a-town that houses a number of diviners, palm-readers, mediums and channelers in small cottages and two huge dormitories. There is a bookstore there with all you could want in the way of New Age spirituality.

Cautions: The spirit guides are very strong tonight.................oooooowooowowoooo!!

The arena around the Great Mound

Ownership: Indiana DNR




National Forest