Meno-Aki Nature Preserve


Location:   The preserve is part of Metea Park, found by taking SR 1 west from Cedarville about 0.5 mi. to Union Chapel Rd. Turn right and follow to Metea Park entrance. Trails pass through the south half of the preserve. There is no parking lot or trail for the northern half.

Description: 120 acres. A number of natural communities are found in Meno-aki: namely, hill prairie, dry-mesic and mesic upland forest, and floodplain forest. Prairie vegetation is scattered along the south-facing bluffs overlooking Cedar Creek. These hill prairies are not common anywhere in Indiana and are particularly rare this far east. Prairie plants give way to oak-hickory forest farther back from the steep creek bluffs. A number of steep wooded ravines cut through the bluff down to the floodplain. The name Meno-aki means good or blessed land in the Potawatomi language of Chief Metea for whom the park as a whole is named.

Ownership: Allen County Parks and Recreation Board

Map of Meno-Aki



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