Maumee Woods Nature Preserve


Location: From Bloomington, take SR 46 to SR 446, turn right and go 12 miles to Tower Ridge Road. Follow this left to the Hickory Ridge Lookout Tower, about six miles. Don't turn right on Hickory Ridge Road; keep going, bear to the left a bit, then keep following the same road as it wanders through the hills. When it takes a big turn around to the south, and then another large turn to the left, the preserve is on your right. Take a map.

Description: Not Visited, but I guess I'll have to to get better directions than those. Wooded, steep hills, small creek, lots of wildlife. This is really a part of the Hoosier National Forest.

Nearby Points of Interest: All around you. Get outa that car and start hiking.

Cautions: Most parts of the Hoosier National Forest are open to hunting, and this area especially is crazy at the opening of deer season. Stay away at that time. Among the wildlife are 15 species of snake, only one or two of them poisonous.

Ownership: US Forest Service



National Forest