Marsh Wren Nature Preserve


Location: Take US 6 west from Kendallville to SR 9. Turn right (north) onto SR 9 and drive to 600S. Turn left onto 600S which will end at 125E. Turn right (north) and 125E will turn left (west) and become 550S. Look for the ACRES parking lot on your right. This is also the place where you can unlod your canoe, if you brought it and access Oliver Lake. Canoeing left on the outlet will take you to Hackenburg Lake and the next outlet left to Indian River Preserve. Canoeing right on the outlet will take you through the spreads to Oliver Lake and the next outlet right to Olin Lake Preserve. Three at once!

Description: 50 acres of mostly wetland.  There are trails.   It consists of a marsh and sedge meadow surrounding a small pond with some higher ground. This is the lair of both the marsh wren and fearsome (and endangered) massasauga rattlesnake, whose bite kills approximately, per century, 0 people.

Ownership: ACRES



National Forest