Kankakee Sands



Location: On US 41, in Newton County from CR 225N to a bit beyond CR 600N, the project is both sides of the road.

Description: 7,200 plus acres. The largest project ever undertaken by the Indiana Nature Conservancy, and intended to link to every other preserve described under Newton County, including Willow Slough F&WA and extending into similar areas in Illinois (2500 acres). This is a big huge project. I've visited several parts of it at different times, and they're all interesting, although some places are further along in restoration than others. I would stop at the project office and ask for some tips and get some general info, too; it's on 41 but set back a bit, on the west side between CR 225 and CR 400 someplace.

Ownership: The Nature Conservancy and a variety of others.



National Forest