Herman F. Hammer Wald Nature Preserve



Location:   From I-469 (the I-69 bypass around the southeast of Fort Wayne) exit 25 travel northeast on SR37 through Harlan. Turn left (north) onto Rupert Road. After crossing Hurshtown Road the preserve sign is on your left, by a lane going into the preserve.

Description: 90 acres of woods and abandoned farm fields. You can't fault those ACRES folks, they know how to get some land. This one looks nice, too, as you can see from the picture I swiped from their website (someday I'm goint to visit all of these and get my own descriptions and pictures). Send these people a donation, or else start an organization just like it in your own county and pay them back that way. I wonder if Wald is the guy's last name or the german word for forest? (Or both?)

Ownership: ACRES




National Forest