Granville Sand Barrens



Location: Take South River Road, which becomes Division Road, from West Lafayette and turn left at the Granville Bridge (CR 700W). After crossing the bridge, turn right on CR 75 south and follow it through the turns until the preserve parking lot is on your left.

Description:  40 Acres.  A fairly interesting and rather unique preserve; sand barrens are not common. Lots of interesting wildflowers, as well as the sand barrens themselves. The two dogs who will accompany you on your trip belong to the neighbor across the road. Halfway through, they will flush a wild turkey. It happens every time. This preserve has been enhanced with the addition of the contiguous Roy Whistler Wildlife Area, another 40 acre parcel with many of the same characteristics. Both sites are being worked back into a more natural state; although they won't be at their best for many years yet, they are still worth a visit.

Ownership: NICHES



National Forest