Conrad Savanna



Location: From the junction of SR 10 and US 41, south on 41 to CR 600N. Turn right on 600N, go a mile to 400W, then north(right) a mile on 400W to 700N and right again. The preserve is on the north of 700N all the way back to US 41. If the bridge wasn't out, you could have turned on 700N and avoided the big circle; but the bridge doesn't look like it will be repaired for a good long while yet (if ever).

Description: Another oak savanna in the area south of the Kankakee River. An old lane leads back through the main part of the savanna from the pull-off on CR 700; on either side of the lane are the well-spaced trees and short understory of the savanna landscape.  If you ease on into the savanna, there are scattered openings in the woods, and the lane ends in an open meadow.  The lane is pretty flat walking, but the land is rolling on either side over the old overgrown sand dunes.  There are some unusual wildflowers here, although not as concentrated as at Ober Savanna; this is more wooded than any of the other savannas I've seen except possibly Tefft.  Not spectacular, but not uninteresting, either; take a whole day and check out Holley Savanna and Beaver Lake, too.  

Nearby Points of Interest: LaSalle Fish and Wildlife Area, Willow Slough, Beaver Lake Nature Preserve, Holley Savanna

Cautions: None.

Ownership: Indiana DNR




National Forest