Clark State Forest


Location: From I-65 in southeastern Indiana, take the SR 160 exit to Henryville, then go one mile north of Henryville on US 31 to the forest entrance. The main part of the forest is actually on the other (west) side of I-65.

Description: Not Visited. Clark covers 23,979 acres, apparently all contiguous, and has several good hiking trails, including a big part of the Knobstone Trail, Indiana's longest. There is also a 20-mile loop trail through the forest, and a couple of short hikes, including one through the 143 acre White Oak Nature Preserve. The 20-mile Clark State Forest Trail is noted as rugged; estimates range from 7 to 10 hours for the whole trail. I'm looking forward to first-hand accounts of this forest; the hiking sounds great.

Nearby Points of Interest: From Clark you could easily visit Charlestown State Park, Falls of the Ohio State Park, and Jackson-Washington State Forest (the other terminus of the Knobstone Trail).

Cautions: Hunting seasons for deer, squirrel, turkey, quail and rabbit.

Facilities: Primitive campground; 2000 acre backpack camping area.


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