Buffalo Flat


Location: From US 231 in Jasper, go east on 15th St. just over half a mile to the Jasper-Kellersville Road; turn left onto this and go just over a mile to the preserve, which is mostly on your left.

Description: A swamp forest, with some ponds here and there; rare animals and birds and a good habitat, as the Nature Conservancy book says "for reptiles, particularly snakes". The preserve has no (obvious) access that I could find, and no trail that I could find either. The preserve is marked, though, and easy to find. Interesting and a little creepy; have an adventure!

Nearby Points of Interest: Hoosier National Forest; Ferdinand State Forest; Saalman Hollow Nature Preserve

Cautions: Jasper is pretty far south, but probably not far enough to worry about water moccasins, which occur only in extreme southern Indiana. Wear your boots!

Ownership: Indiana DNR





National Forest