Beaver Lake Nature Preserve

Green Milkweed: check out the soil, mostly sand

Location: From the junction of SR 10 and US 41, go south on 41 to CR 500; turn left and go to CR 200W; and turn north; the preserve is on the right.

Description: At 640 acres, a pretty large preserve; this is great for prairie flowers and grasses. There are just a few trees here and there at wide intervals, mostly cottonwoods; the soil is sand, and a variety of rocks scattered through it at random; results of the glacial period, I guess, from points north. This is strictly in the middle of nowhere (i.e., northern Indiana farming country) and probably a remnant of the Grand Kankakee marsh and prairie. There actually was a huge shallow lake here at one time before the Kankakee River was channelized and the big drainage ditches were dug. A really great place to wander around, though the hiking isn't challenging--this is flat flat flat.

Nearby Points of Interest: Lasalle Fish and Wildlife Area, Willow Slough, Conrad Savanna.

Ownership: Indiana DNR


National Forest