Bean Blossom Bottoms

Location: From Bloomington drive north on SR 37 across Beanblossom Creek, then turn left (west) on Kinser Pike which turns into Bottom Road; go about 5 miles. The Restle Unit of the Muscatatuck National Wildlife Refuge is here, and the Restle Natural Area, which is a part of the Beanblossom Bottoms complex. More parts can be accessed by going a bit more than half a mile further and turning left (south) on Woodall Road; there's another pullout a tenth of a mile down the road. Another section is further down Woodall Road past Woodland Road to the second curve, where you can follow an old farm road just north of Beanblossom Creek into the preserve.

Description: 520 acres in total in several units. This is wetland for the most part, with an emphasis on wildlife habitat. Very good for birdwatching, especially when combined with the National Wildlife Refuge. There are some short trails, otherwise access is by abandoned farm roads.

Ownership: Sycamore Land Trust


National Forest