Seven Pillars of the Mississinewa Nature Preserve



Location:   From Peru in Miami County take SR 124 east to the Mississinewa River bridge. Turn right on 300E before the bridge and then left (east) onto Mississinewa Road, look for the ACRES parking lot for the preserve on your right, or drive further to the turn in the road to park and view the pillars form across the river. Or turn right (south)just after the bridge, onto 340E (Francis Slocum Trail), and look for the ACRES parking above the Seven Pillars landmark on your right.

Description:  Widely recognized as having one of the longest names ever for a nature preserve in Indiana, the Seven Pillars of the Mississinewa are a series of stream-carved sandstone bluffs that are a pretty spectacular sight. There is a nature preserve to go along with them now, which is great, as I don't think the area was protected at all before. The pillars were a significant gathering place for the Miami Indians - maybe they still are. The preserve has property on both sides of the river, for a total of 150 acres and two trails, so it's worth a visit. There is an interesting historical marker site along 300 E on your way to the preserve, and the pillars viewing site, which is a half mile further along, appears to be right next to Miami Indian tribal grounds. I believe the Miami are the only tribe holding real property in the state.

Ownership:  ACRES



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