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They emphasize customer service!

"Customer service and the fact that they'll come to your office are what we like about Dave's Computer World. And often we can solve what we need over the phone."

Sam W., Lafayette, Indiana

They know what they are doing!

Here's a bit of horse sense: Count on Dave's Computer World. I have been since launching Rosebud Ranch five years ago. They're really attentive, really punctual and they know what they are doing. I have never had a problem they couldn't fix. Truly."

Arthur J., Brookston, Indiana

They bend over backwards!

"Dave's Computer World is very attentive, very cooperative. We're fairly computer intensive here--we've automated our lab quite a bit--and they've bent over backwards to help our business and keep our computer systems running for almost 25 years."

Tom G., Vice President, West Lafayette, Indiana

Dave's has been my computer purchase/support/repair/and HELP source ever since my first computer in 1990. My current DCW computer is 3 years old and going strong, and I regularly buy ergo keyboards, printers, motherboards, monitors, jump drives, scanners, ink, mousies, and other gear from them. They're my first phone call when I have computer questions of any kind. You can even talk to Dave himself! After 2 bad experiences with computer idiots--I mean shops--in other towns, I've been known to drive my machine from Michigan just to get Genuine Dave's Computer World service. Thanks, Dave and DCW Crew!

Jan A., Mattawan, MI

I trust them, whatever they say!

"Dave's Computer World really has a challenge when it comes to me. I can hardly turn my computer on. When I got a new monitor, they sat down with me and set it all up. They could tell me how to do it, but they know better than that that. They just do it. And I trust them, whatever they say. They are so smart, and they go above and beyond."

Pam H., Brookston, Indiana

They are extremely responsive!

Dave's Computer World will address problems on the phone, come to your office, or, for an economic advantage, you can tke your equipment in to them. They have knowledge about older systems as well as the up-to-date, and that's a real plus.

Don S., Lafayette, Indiana

Dave's keeps us connected with the world!

"My husband, Frank, has many cousins in Canada and enjoys keeping in touch with them by e-mail. I'm not very computer savvy--sometimes it gives me a headache--but I like playing games on the computer. Dave Alm is kind and considerate. He understands us. And Dave's keeps us connected with the world."

Faye G., West Lafayette, Indiana

They Solve Problems

We have used Dave several times to solve a variety of computer problems for our business. They have come on site ready to work every time. We would use them again and recommend them to anyone.

Brian H., Lafayette, Indiana

They're incredibly knowledgable!

"You can take just about any problem to Dave's Computer World and have confidence they will figure it out. That's the quality of their knowledge. They have a commitment to that. They've been my provider since day one. We have multiple computers and use them for our back-office system, inventory control, accounting -- all our business stuff."

Steve D., Brookston, Indiana

They're here sooner rather than later!

"We use our computers for scheduling, billing, ordering and accounting, so we need everything running well. Dave's Computer World takes care of that. They're knowledgable and helpful, even suggesting things we don't think of. They're also very personal and friendly, like your neighbor or a family member."

Barbara W., Lafayette, Indiana

Terrific Technical Support!

I recommend Dave's Computer World. They custom-build everything for me. They know what they're doing, and they give terrific technical support. I won't get my computers anyplace else. It's important to get people you know you can trust and can depend on, and that's what you get from Dave's Computer World

Rose P., Lafayette, Indiana

They Do It Right!

Dave's Computer World steps right in when we need them for our server, network and computers. I've found them to be reliable and knowledgeable. When they do it, they do it right.

Al S., Wolcott, Indiana

They Keep Our Computers Running!

We've been using Daves Computer World for about 20 years and highly recommend them for support of personal computer systems and networks. We can't afford to be without our computers, and they keep our computers running on short notice.

Jim W., Lafayette, Indiana

Machines They Build Are The Best!

People here used to think I was a little crazy to buy my servers from a little shop in Indiana and have them shipped out all the way to Oregon.Then I ordered a server for a local business from the big outfit, which I won't name or hint at in any way except to say Dude! I got a Dud! The big-name company sent me a server with a mother- board that failed out of the box. I got that repaired, went through a big hassle about the operating system they'd sent me instead of the one I ordered, and was finally ready to set it up when two of the four hard drives failed. I got the replacements about 5 days later, and they worked, so I had a running server three weeks after I originally unpacked it. The same day I finally delivered that server, I got the server I ordered for another job from Dave's Computer World, put it up on the bench, and had it loaded and ready to add programs within an hour.

There haven't been any more questions about why I order from Dave's. I've received five flawless servers so far, and any more servers I order will come from Dave's. I always feel it's better to order from people who put their heart and soul into the products they make. If you want a painting, you buy it from an artist, not the guy parked at the corner gas station. If you want a server, you buy it from computer guys who really care that the machines they build are the best.

Eric T., Burns, Oregon

Best Service in the Business!

You get FIVE STARS for the best service in the business! You guys rock!!!

Jan & Jock, Millville, Utah

How Nice It Is To Know You're There!

Hope you know the work you do is important...and it is greatly appreciated. How nice it is to know you're there! Thank you for helping us with our printer.

Your friends at the library, Brookston, Indiana

You Did Good!

Thank you for your attention to two people who are lost in the world of computers! When we fired up our computer Friday night and saw all the stuff we had almost given up for lost, it was a bright moment for us. You did good! We will be the best "word-of-mouth" advertising you will ever have,

Marge & Lou C., West Lafayette, Indiana

Reliable, Knowledgeable!

Dave's Computer World has kept me in business from the time we went into computers. They are very reliable, very knowledgeable, very personable. All those adjectives apply.

Alice F., Lafayette, Indiana

Saved My Life!

Thanks so much for the help you gave us on Saturday. Really, I guess you saved my life. I do appreciate your time you gave me on Saturday.

Frieda M., Lafayette, Indiana

Easy To Work With!

We've worked with Dave's Computer World for more than 15 years. They help with our servers, computers, software and VPN. They've always done a great job for us, and they've always been very reliable. They're knowledgeable and easy to work with.

Fred R., Lafayette, Indiana

Good Service!

Thank you for the good service!

Whilemina & Phil B., Lafayette, Indiana

Don't Go Anywhere Else!

Dave's Computer World has built or upgraded six computers for me. The crew has always been very helpful. If I have a problem, I can call them and get help.

They are courteous and friendly. The main thing that I'm trying to stress is, Don't go anywhere else. These guys know their stuff.

Bob H., West Lafayette, Indiana

You Went To The Extreme!

Our problems were handled professionally and we feel you went to the extreme to get our computer working for us. Coming into your store we were greeted with a smile and a kind greeting. Your help got us our computer back and working. Our family thanks you!

Sandy G., Lafayette, Indiana

Great Job!

You did a great job. Computer works great. Thanks for the fast service. Will call next time trouble comes my way.

Bob H., Brookston, Indiana

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