Steuben County


The northeast corner of the state, providing our first line of defense against the possibility of a joint invasion by Ohio and Michigan, Steuben County is also a motherlode of nature preserves. Glacial action has left kettle lakes, swamps, marshes and bogs (and maybe even fens). Spend a weekend or a week here - you can camp at Pokagon State Park, you can even stay at the inn for all I care, I'm no purist - but visit here you must!

Pokagon State Park

Ball Lake Nature Preserve

Beechwood Nature Preserve

Brammall Nature Preserve

Cedar Swamp Nature Preserve

Douglas Woods

Grass Lake Complex

Loon Lake

McClue Nature Preserve

Robb Hidden Canyon Nature Preserve

Ropchan Nature Preserve

Ropchan Wildlife Refuge

Wing Haven Nature Preserve

Woodland Bog Nature Preserve


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