Newton County


  Looks like farmland, right? Wrong! Well, right, actually, but it also houses the largest Indiana Nature Conservancy project ever, Kankakee Sands, covering 7200 acres and linked to an additional 2500 acres in Illinois. Also has the Kankakee Rinver along the northern boundary and the Iroquois River across the middle, with large additional tracts of natural areas in two Fish and Wildlife areas. Also home to the Kentland Anomaly, which is a natural feature, not a natural area (it's in a working gravel pit). Okay, I'll tell you (in the words of the US Geological Survey): A small (5 mi2) complexly deformed structure known as the Kentland anomaly or dome is near Kentland, Ind. in southern Newton County. This structure consists of steeply dipping Ordovician and Silurian rocks that have been uplifted approximately 2,000 ft. Adjacent to the area are relatively flat-lying Mississippian and Pennsylvanian rocks. Meteorite impact, volcanism, and faulting have been proposed as explanations of the anomaly. So if you're geologically inclined, stop at the pit just east of Kentland and ask.

Beaver Lake Nature Preserve

Conrad Station and Conrad Savanna

Holley Savanna

Kankakee Sands

LaSalle Fish and Wildlife Area

Willow Slough Fish and Wildlife Area

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