Brown County


    Brown County is one of the first places people think of when they think of natural areas in Indiana; its main claim to fame is Brown County State Park, and it is the destination of people who form big traffic jams in the fall to see the pretty leaves turning colors. Adventurous, huh? But don't let is scare you off, it's not all hype - Brown County has some beautiful places in every season. Nashville's pretty much a tourist trap, but it's one of the nicer tourist traps you'll wander into. There are several long-distance hiking trails here, including the Knobstone Trail, which goes through several other counties besides Brown; and there are others in Yellowwood State Forest and the Hoosier National Forest.


Brown County State Park

Hoosier National Forest

Knobstone Trail

Steele Nature Preserve

Whippoorwill Woods

Yellowwood State Forest


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