Allen County

  I bet you think you've died and gone to Nature Preserve heaven. Yes, Allen County, which is almost entirely made up of Fort Wayne, has quite a few preserves and parks, some of them spectacular, and all showing that the county is both populated and governed by people who have some concern for the environment and natural areas.  This makes up for the fact that Fort Wayne (from what I've seen of it) is kind of a blah city.

Arrowhead Marsh/Arrowhead Prairie

Bicentennial Woods

Eagle Marsh

Fogwell Forest

Foxfire Woods

Fox Island

Herman F. Hammer Wald Nature Preserve

Lindenwood Nature Preserve

Little Cedar Creek Nature Preserve

Maumee River Overlook

McNabb-Walter Nature Preserve

Mengerson Nature Preserve

Meno-aki Nature Preserve

Vandolah Nature Preserve



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