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How I Build The Things


My Dad, Charlie Alm, has written a book on Hammered Dulcimers. It is called "THE HAMMER DULCIMER BOOK - How I Build the Things". It has been advertised in Fine WoodWorking, Dulcimer Players News, Sing Out, and American Luthiers Guild. He has built over 100 of the instruments and is very well known in the midwest.

It is the most detailed book on building hammered dulcimers. It is basic enough to be helpful to a novice, and in-depth enough to help an experienced builder. There are a number of books that discuss the Hammered Dulcimer in some detail, but this goes the farthest. This is the book to help you build your hammered dulcimer. The book is now in its twentyseventh printing. He has received orders from every state in the U.S. and many other countries, including: Japan, Australia, Mexico, Taiwan, England, Germany, Norway, Israel, Phillipines, Hungary, Scotland, Netherlands, Isle of Man, Puerto Rico, Sweden, Italy, Canada, Greece, Denmark, and Ireland.

The book is $19.95 plus $2.00 for shipping, for a total of $21.95 USD. Payment may be VISA, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, or PayPal. Be sure to include your card number, expiration date, name as it appears on the card, and your name and mailing address. Payment may also be made by personal check or money order. Click here for international currency conversion rates.

Happy Hammering!

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(Note: This is the number for my computer store. If Dad is in the shop we can xfer the call over there, or if he's not in, we can take your order. Just say you're calling about the Hammered Dulcimer Book. If you would rather talk with Charlie, just leave your phone number and he can call you back.)

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What Do They Look Like?

Here are some examples of what a hammered dulcimer built on the instructions in Charlie's book is going to look like.

What Do They Sound Like?

Here are some examples of what a hammered dulcimer built on the instructions in Charlie's book is going to sound like. Charlie plays some old time favorites, including: Westphalia Waltz, Wildwood Flower, and Golden Slippers. Charlie has a number of tunew up on YouTube. They are nice for beginners as you can see the hammer work and get a feel for how the tune is played.

Charlie Alm's Hammered Dulcimer Book TESTIMONIALS

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The Hammered Dulcimer Book is also available through these fine outfits. If your store is interested in stocking the book, just drop a line or call at the store during the day.

Charlie's Fun Folk Toys

In addition to his Hammered Dulcimer book, Charlie makes some fun wooden folk toys, including the Limberjack Doll (or Dancing Dan), Whirley Gig, and Hooey Stick. Click HERE to continue looking and shopping at his toy page. The page has great videos of how to use each of the toys. Thank you!

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