Albert Underwood Civil War Diary

This is the Civil War diary of Albert Underwood of Annapolis, Park County, Indiana. He was a member of the 9th Indiana Light Artillery. It covers the period of the war from January 1, 1864 thru January 11, 1865. It is a very different account than the one we read in the history books. It tells what the war was like to a young man from Indiana as he moved around the country with his unit. It is so personal, at times you might imagine Albert Underwood is sitting across the table from you telling you his story.

Introduction The story of the Albert Underwood Civil War diary

Jan 1, 1864 to Jan 20, 1864 The move from Huntington, TN, to Union City, TN.

Jan 21, 1864 to Jan 29, 1864 The move from Union City, TN, to Vicksburg, MS.

Jan 30, 1864 to Mar 9, 1864 The trip across Mississippi and back to Vicksburg.

Mar 10, 1864 to May 23, 1864 Trip up the Red River and into Louisiana and back to the Mississippi River and Vicksburg.

May 24, 1864 to Jun 3, 1864 The Time in Vicksburg before move up the Mississippi.

Jun 4, 1864 to Sep 5, 1864 The stop off at Memphis, MS, and some fighting there. The burning of Oxford, MS, on August 22, 1864.

Sep 6, 1864 to Nov 24, 1864 The stop at Cairo, IL, and the expedition to Missouri and back to St. Louis. November 22 saw the fat lady.

Nov 25, 1864 to Dec 31, 1864 The trip from St. Louis to Nashville, TN.

Dec 15, 1864 to Jan 11, 1865 Supplementary entries found on other pages.

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